Frequently Asked Questions by VIEWERS

- What do I need to watch the videos?

As long as your running a new web browser, you should be fine! Our videos are HTML5 / iPhone / iPad compatible and it requires no flash!

- How much do you charge to view the videos?

There is no charge. However keep in mind that purchasing a membership to an adult site will help support the industry and the production of adult materials. Thinking 'paying for porn is stupid' is irresponsible (and stupid).

- How can I retrieve my account login or password?

There is no pass retrieval function in our system. These things are a good way to get hacked. Don't lose your password.

- How can I prevent my children from accessing

As written on our main page, is labelled with ICRA. Parents, read more here.

- How can I easily find again videos that I liked?

You can use the search to find videos again but the best way is to create an account and save each video that you like to your own favorite list. This list is stored on our servers so you never lose it, as long as you have your login infos. Here is a direct link to your favorite videos, for your convenience.

- How can I save a video to my favorites?

Visit any video page. You will find a link above the video that says : Add this video to your XV favorites.

- My favorites are gone!?

We receive such emails regularly, and everytime it was an user with two or more accounts logging in to the wrong account.

- Why am I redirected to the Mobile page?

We automatically redirect users to our mobile pages based on a detection script located on our index page only. If you are being redirected even though you are not using a mobile device please email us.

- Can I access the regular pages from a mobile?

Only our first page will redirect you so technically if you browse any other page, such as the Best Videos, you will not be redirected.

- Can you email me videos or updates?

Even if you create an account with us, we do not send out any email, never. If you wish to follow pubatubes' updates closely you can subscribe to our feed.

- I saw a video that doesn't work!

Unfortunately, considering the quantity of videos, there will probably always be certain videos that TEMPORARILY do not work. Typically the problem with be a 'This video will be available soon' message, or the video loading only a small portion of its length. Once again, these problems are only temporary. If you were able to access a certain video page, that means it is still in the database and will be fixed eventually.

- How to report / flag a video?

Find your way to the bottom of any video page and click the Contact us link. Don't forget to include the video address or number.

- How can I download your videos?

You can use a tool such as the Ant Toolbar. It works fine, is free, and virus-free! It will work with most other sites too.

- The download speed is too slow! There is too much buffering!

This issue and the one above are related. We are experiencing some difficulties with our web hosting but we do plan to have everything resolved.

- How can I remove videos from my computer?

Visiting this site does not install anything to your computer. Therefore there is nothing to remove, other than your browsing history and your cached / temporary internet files, which you can do in your browser's options.